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We do public engagement, research, and partnership work to improve the experience of newcomer youth in B.C. As young people, we make sure people like us are heard on the issues that affect our lives.


Fresh Voices Report and Recommendations

Sixteen key recommendations emerged from a series of dialogues and workshops with other immigrant and refugee youth and their allies. Find out more about these recommendations, and the download the full report.

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Youth Action Gathering

Join other immigrant and refugee youth for 2 days of dialogue and action-orientated conversations with great music, workshops, food, and skill building activities.

Fresh Voices is helping to host the 2015 Youth Action Gathering on Saturday October 2nd and Sunday October 3rd in Vancouver. This will be a fun way to get involved in creating new ways to improve the experiences of newcomer youth.

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Did you know?

10 years after arriving in Canada, immigrants still face poverty rates twice as high as Canadian-born people. It takes 20 years for the poverty rates of immigrants to equalize with the poverty rates of persons born in Canada.

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