Reyna Villasin (Member, Board of Directors)

Reyna and her family spent almost a decade waking up each morning hoping for their life-long dream to come true — migrating to Canada. Reyna and her family finally migrated in August of 2011 as skilled workers, and left the life that they have created for the hopes of grabbing every opportunity that awaited from migrating. Reyna is currently studying Biology and Criminology at Simon Fraser University. She loves science and law as much as she loves eating vanilla ice-cream. However, the specificity of her field of study did not stop her from wanting to be involved in the community and becoming a part of the process to achieve social equality for women, and to possibly ameliorate the challenges that immigrants and refugees are facing. She has attended several programs in the community including MY Circle Program and NUYU, and was a previous volunteer of Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver.

Reyna is thankful and blessed for being surrounded with people who are supportive and has amazing prospects in life. She is also grateful for being a part of the Youth Advisory Team of the Fresh Voices Initiative with Vancouver Foundation, and the Action Team whose goals for the community inspired her.

Did you know?

10 years after arriving in Canada, immigrants still face poverty rates twice as high as Canadian-born people. It takes 20 years for the poverty rates of immigrants to equalize with the poverty rates of persons born in Canada.

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