Vidaluz Ortuño Nacho (Interim co-executive director)

Vidaluz (Vee-Dah-Looz) is woman who emigrated from Bolivia 10 years ago and has been passionate about justice work and serving others since she can remember. She has many interests and is currently studying psychology and business at SFU in order to expand her knowledge on human behaviour. She got involved with Fresh Voices back in 2014, in what she calls “one of the best decisions of her life.” Since being in Fresh Voices she has been a part of organizing forums, events, campaigns, and creating promotional material. In her free time, she enjoys video editing, checking out new music, finding ways to be good to the environment, trying new restaurants and just walking around exploring and adventuring.

Did you know?

26.5% of British Columbians’ “mother tongue” is a non-official language, followed by Ontario (25.7%), Alberta (19.4%), and Quebec (12.3%). British Columbia has the highest percentage of language diversity of any Canadian province.

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