Fresh Voices is looking to measure impact in new ways

For the last five years, Fresh Voices has grown significantly as a movement connecting grassroots efforts and institutions. We build on partnerships with the immigrant services sector and engage a diverse range of stakeholders including elected officials. Our community engagement and advocacy work has garnered much attention and created space for some successful public policy changes, as well as positioning itself as a legitimate voice for immigrant and refugee young people.

We would like to build on that momentum.

Fresh Voices is looking for support to review the way we work and the way we measure our impact. We want to answer questions like, “How and to what extent has Fresh Voices impacted public policy and/or practice?” and, “What can we learn from the implementation of Fresh Voices that can inform its work going forward?”

We are seeking proposals to help us take Fresh Voices to the next level

Think this sounds like you?

Please download our – Request for Proposal – and don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We look forward to meeting you!

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