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We do public engagement, research, and partnership work to improve the experience of newcomer youth in B.C. As young people, we make sure people like us are heard on the issues that affect our lives.


Fresh Voices Report and Recommendations

Sixteen key recommendations emerged from a series of dialogues and workshops with other immigrant and refugee youth and their allies. Find out more about these recommendations, and the download the full report.

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2016 Fresh Voices Forum

Over 200 youth from across British Columbia attended the Fresh Voices Forum on December 4th and 5th, 2016. The 2016 Fresh Voices Forum Report details the key priorities and messages that came out of the forum.

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Did you know?

26.5% of British Columbians’ “mother tongue” is a non-official language, followed by Ontario (25.7%), Alberta (19.4%), and Quebec (12.3%). British Columbia has the highest percentage of language diversity of any Canadian province.

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