Alejandra Lopez Bravo

Alejandra was born and raised in Mexico City and Vancouver has been her home since 2006. She is passionate about facilitating safe spaces for inclusive dialogue using art and storytelling as an emancipating way for communicating and healing. In her work with new immigrant and refugee youth with the Illustrated Journey Youth Project, she designed, implemented, and facilitated workshops that were visual arts-based and relied on youth expressing themselves through drawing, cross-cultural reflection, language acquisition, and empowerment through depicting their journeys of migration and their stories.

She has been a part of the Fresh Voices Youth Advisory Team as an adult ally since the Immigrant Refugee Youth Summit in 2011 and she is currently the manager of Fresh Voices with Vancouver Foundation providing the space and opportunity for youth to share their learning and build a stronger case to influence policies that affect youth across the province. She is also a member of “Sanctuary Health,” where she advocates for access to services without fear of deportation and gives direct support to people with precarious and no immigration status.

She has a background in social planning and community development and has worked in Vancouver for neighborhood houses, community organizations, community centers, as well as grassroots groups and other non profit and government agencies in Mexico City. She believes in community organizing and her involvement with immigrant and refugee women and youth is connected to her personal journey of redefining identity and belonging as well as to her commitment to address sexism, racism and poverty.

Did you know?

In B.C, the top ten languages spoken at home are English, Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Tagalog (Philipino), Spanish, Vietnamese and Farsi.

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