Keyla Keza

Keyla was born in Kigali, Rwanda and came to Canada with her family in 2003 for a safer and better future. She remembers not knowing a word of English and being fascinated with the mysterious white substance that fell from the sky in the winter months. Despite the language barriers and new culture, she eventually fell for Canada’s uniqueness and vision for inclusion. She is passionate about doing what she can to make a difference locally, nationally, and internationally.

She enjoys humanities, arts, food, and an occasional Netflix documentary. But most of all she is really passionate about human rights and youth engagement. Keyla wants to provide as much support as she can to her peers and their families, who immigrated also hoping for a better future. This is why she has a particular appreciation for the Fresh Voices YAT.

Did you know?

10 years after arriving in Canada, immigrants still face poverty rates twice as high as Canadian-born people. It takes 20 years for the poverty rates of immigrants to equalize with the poverty rates of persons born in Canada.

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