Sina Weldetensae

Sina is originally from East Africa, Eritrea and moved to Uganda in 2007, where she lived for almost six years as she waited for the process to come to Canada with her six siblings and her parents. She came to Canada in August 2013. Sina is passionate in aiding and working with children and immigrant and refugee youth. After three months of her arrival, she became part of the Moving Ahead training program and subsequently graduated from the Youth Multicultural Circle program and continued facilitating for the circle. Currently she is a student at Langara College. Sina has been engaged in a variety of activities, including joining the YAT. She attended the Youth Network Conference in Toronto which encouraged her to gain a deep understanding of the challenges faced by immigrant and refugee youth. Her determination of becoming part of the YAT is to identify the barriers faced by children, immigrant, and refugee youth as they get settled in Canada and improve the policies that affect us. This aim also led her in assisting youth to volunteer with the ISS mentorship program.

Did you know?

10 years after arriving in Canada, immigrants still face poverty rates twice as high as Canadian-born people. It takes 20 years for the poverty rates of immigrants to equalize with the poverty rates of persons born in Canada.

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