Truepayna Moo

Truepayna Moo arrived in Canada when she was 9 years old with her family in 2007. She was born in a refugee camp in Thailand, after her parents fled violence in Karen state in Burma in the mid 90’s. They were resettled in Langley with a large group of other Government Assisted Refugees who are from the same community. She has many memories of growing up in the refugee camp, positive and negative. Truepayna is a graduate of Langley Secondary School and is now considering her options for post-secondary school. She joined YAT because of her love and passion for refugees and immigrants. In school, Truepayna started exploring issues of social justice. Today, her dream is to pursue education related to international development and continue to help refugees and others in need.

Did you know?

10 years after arriving in Canada, immigrants still face poverty rates twice as high as Canadian-born people. It takes 20 years for the poverty rates of immigrants to equalize with the poverty rates of persons born in Canada.

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